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 Finally directed by Lee.H.Katzin, the Le Mans film was released 23rd June 1971.

In  " A French Kiss with Death," Michael Keyser  makes  reference to the Chateau Lornay (p.339) where Steve McQueen lived during the filming of Le Mans.

The Chateau Lornay,Vire-en-Champagne 30 miles from the Le Mans racing track.


The region of Vire-en-Champagne is first  mentioned in Neile McQueen Toffel's book on page 215. 

"From what I could determine this was primarily a farming region."        (Toffel, p.219).




Vire-en-champagne images which Steve McQueen would pass on his way to and from the Chateau Lornay.


The mammoth Chateau Lornay dominates the landscape in Vire-en-Champagne.    It was built in the fourteenth century and modernised after the Second World War.

".....an imposing presence amidst the wine fields of Vire-en-Champagne." 

(Toffel, p.217)



Hidden away, the Chateau can be found at the end of a tree lined dirt track.



"Wait till you see our place. You'll like it. It's really somethin' !"

(Toffel, p.216)



      The McQueen family lived in this intriguing Chateau during the filming of Le Mans. Neile McQueen Toffel intimately refers to their french residence, and the emotional break up of her marriage, in her memoir book from page 217 onwards.............


  The Chateau Lornay in Vire-en-champagne. 


    Le Moulin, a few minutes walk down from the Chateau Lornay, is where the present owner, Nicole lives today.


  The Le Mans film crew and the racing drivers were based at the  Lauren hotel, Loue....... a few miles down the road from the Chateau Lornay.  


A fascinating yarn about Steve McQueen and a blond "Puff of Hair", involving a near fatal car crash on the road between the Chateau and the Lauren hotel, is outlined in Neile McQueen Toffel's book (p.212-213).

The hotel is now called RICORDEAU at 11 et 13, rue de la liberation - 72540 Loue. Tel. 02 43 88 40 03 and can be contacted by email: hotel-ricordeau@wanadoo.fr



 Steve McQueen wrote on a postcard to Yvette to celebrate her birthday celebrations.Steve McQueen wrote on a postcard to Yvette to celebrate her birthday celebrations.


The Chateau has been restored. Click on the above image for details.


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