The Actors Studio, New York where Steve McQueen trained during the 1950's.

McQueen auditioned using a Clifford Odets play called "Golden Boy" (park bench scene).





The Lyceum Theatre, Broadway NY where McQueen performed in "A Hateful Of Rain."


Opposite the Lyceum Theatre, McQueen would eat at Downies, where he met Neille Adams..... his future wife.



GIRL ON THE RUN (1953) with Steve McQueen and directed by Joseph Lee and Arthur J Beckhard





Steve McQueen appeared in Season 2  Episode 23 as Bill Longley in Tales of Wells Fargo on Monday, 10th February 1958 at 830pm NBC...









Cover of the book My Husband, My Friend - A Memoir

by Neile McQueen Toffel


Magnificent Seven...










In the 1986  book 'My Husband, My Friend'  Neile states that they lived at 1, Chester  Square during the filming of THE WAR LOVER (page 112).

I have recently  purchased and read Marshall Terrill's book, 'Steve McQueen - A Tribute to  the King of Cool and on page 90 there is a copy of a letter Steve wrote to Hedda re: missing 'California very  much' with the address at the top of the page reading : 80, Chester Square,  London S.W.1 (5th December 1961).








(On the set of the WAR LOVER)






Cool: you can't touch it, smell it, taste it or even define it. But we can all recognise it, and for most of us it has another name: Steve McQueen. Hollywood megastar, racing driver, pilot and motorbike fanatic, McQueen was the epitome of a man's man, yet women the world over would go weak at just a glimpse of his trademark cropped blond hair and blue eyes. To mark his death, 30 years ago this month at just 50, his widow Barbara, a former model, and biographer Marshall Terrill have produced A Tribute To The King Of Cool (Dalton Watson). It is laced with hundreds of pictures. Taking us from his delinquent farm-boy days to his film classics such as Bullitt, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Great Escape, this book is the real deal.



Soldier In The Rain...


Nevada Smith...  


Sand Pebbles...





Hollywood, March 21st 1967.

Steve McQueen gets the honour of having his handprints immortalized in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood...




Michael Manning's superb blog interviews click on his image on the right.





Steve McQueen: A Life in Pictures




Superb photographs by Barbara Minty McQueen



(Barbara Minty with journalist Claudia Andrei at the London Movie Poster Art Gallery for the book launch).




Two remaining Steve McQueen etchings by Claudia Andrei, they are roughly 18cm x 23cm. They come unframed and go for 90- (excluding postage) each. Contact me via my email if interested in purchasing one or more of these stunning etchings of Steve McQueen in the iconic film, Bullitt.



Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool - by Marshall Terrill












Cincinnati Kid...  









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