(Enlisted 28th April 1947

Honorably discharged in April 1950)

“... down to the Carolinas, where he met a well-bred southern girl whose family was from Myrtle Beach. Her name was Sue Ann and she was young, sweet, and willing. Steven blissfully spent his seventeenth birthday (24th March 1947) in the comfort of Sue Ann’s arms. He wanted to stay with her forever, he said, but one day not long after, he upped and enlisted in the United States Marines."
"Steve McQueen {center} shares a laugh with a pair of Marine buddies named Joe and Don upon his July 1947 platoon graduation at Parris Island, South Carolina. McQueen served a three-year stint and often told reporters he was busted down to private seven times to enhance his rebel status. However, his military file proved he was a competent soldier — McQueen ascended in rank rather quickly despite not serving in the Marines during wartime...“

“Steve McQueen’s acting career was made possible through his use of the G.I. Bill to study acting at Sanford Meisner’s Neighborhood Playhouse and HB Studio. Those G.I. Bill funds were available because from 1947 to 1950 McQueen served as a U.S. Marine.

His period of active duty would be considered “colorful” today, though at the time it was not unusual. After Basic Training at Parris Island he was assigned to an armored unit; he was promoted six times and then demoted back to private seven times for various and sundry infractions, most of them due to a youthful lack of discipline. The most egregious violation occurred when he went AWOL for two weeks to spend time with his girlfriend. For that he was sentenced to 41 days in the brig.“

After completing boot camp, Steve McQueen’s natural aptitude for engines landed him a job as a tank crewman and driver. The first assignment was to the Second Amphibian Tractor Battalion, Second Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force in Quantico, Virginia.
 He later transferred to the United States Naval Gun Factory in Washington, D.C., where he served in the 1st Guard Company...

{WASHINGTON NAVY YARD on the map below}

And received his final assignment as a tanker at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. 


Marine Steve McQueen is captured with eyes closed yet again as his arm rests on the shoulders of an unidentified chick at Sam’s Crescent Cafe in Washington, D.C.,on New Year’s Eve 1949. McQueen was stationed at the United States Naval Gun Factory serving in the 1st Guard Company.




NEW YEAR EVE, 1949...
While serving as a tanker at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina he took it upon himself to turn his weekend liberty into a two-week unauthorized vacation. When he was finally apprehended, McQueen was charged with unauthorized absence and sentenced to 41 days in the brig, where he lived on bread and water...

"On his first weekend pass, he met up with Sue Ann and turned it into a two-week vacation in bed, until he was arrested by the MPs for going AWOL.”


Sam’s Crescent Cafe in Washington, D.C.,

was located at 723 14th NW WASHINGTON, DC

The archive states that Steve McQueen went AOL from 8.00am 28th November 1949 to 10.50am 6th December 1949 which is EIGHT days in all...


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