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Chateau Lornay



Chateau de Segrais

Le Mans - The opening sequence






 Steve McQueen takes you for a drive in the country.

The country is France.   

The drive is at 200MPH !!

This site is an attempt to gather images and thoughts about the region Steve McQueen lived in during the filming of the 1971 Le Mans film quoting brief passages for the purposes of review and so bring these images alive.......

Welcome to the Steve McQueen Le Mans Site.   Launched on 13th Sept. 2001 and regularly updated.


"Steve McQueen: Le Mans in the Rearview Mirror," chronicles the iconic 1971 racing film with hundreds of never before seen photos taken by Don Nunley.



Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans (2015)...Trailer










 The arrest of Steve Mcqueen by gendarmes in 1969 on the road of Le Mans







Steve McQueen with co-star: Siegfried Rauch and family...

"This is in an economy in Hagen, a small village near Murnau. When the shooting was almost finished, Steve stood in front of me and looked so funny. He did not say anything, but I knew exactly what was wrong with him: the coming farewell made him sad.
"What are you doing now?" He asked finally. I told him I was going home to Bavaria. "Oh, Bavaria", he said - he knew the area from the shooting to "Busted Chains". I asked him if he wanted to visit me. "Steve," I said, "come over, we celebrate the baptism of my son, you will be his godfather and then you'll get good sauerkraut." He loved sauerkraut.
A few weeks later, after a trip to Switzerland, he came to his baptism in his 911, together with his wife Neile and his son Chad. Actually, they only wanted to stay three days, but two weeks. He did not want to go to the city to Munich, but to the mountains for hiking. "You live here so fantastic," he said again and again. I could not understand this at first, he lived in Beverly Hills and was a giant star in the USA.
But Hollywood could not only create careers, but also destroy lives. His marriage to Neile was crising at the time. I've seen in the shooting work that he was constantly surrounded by women. He could not resist these temptations." Siegfried Rauch


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